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My name is Cathy and I’m glad you have found this corner of the web. On this site, you’ll find fiction as well as non fiction commentary. I mostly write romance, occasionally venturing into general fiction. I also like to write slash fiction, which is erotic romance between members of the same sex.

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Nonfiction: Analysis and Commentary





  • dragnmuse visits the Phantom of the Opera: Analysis and commentary on the novel by Gaston Leroux. Get more info or you can go to the site.


Turbulence: A Lord Of The Rings slash fanfic with Sam and Frodo. Read now.

fireplaceA Night At Brooke Mansion:
Sometimes the muse doesn’t want to dance in fields with fuzzy bunnies. Sometimes the muse wants to creep down dark hallways, towards the spot where a scream was heard. The muse requests that the words that come from my fingers (on the keyboard) tell of blood stains and despair, or mystery and suspense. When the muse beckons from the shadows, or whispers close to my ear to warn of dangers, of sharp switchblades, at those times, I must obey and write the words that tickle my consciousness. Even if those words are of a darker nature than I usually write. Even if those words themselves may fill others with dread….


50 Fathoms LogoGrok’s backstory:
The background for my character for the 50 Fathoms Role Playing Game.




sheetsThe Egyptian Cotton Sheets Queen:
Meet Kara, a girl who loves Egyptian cotton sheets. Originally, this blog was designed to be a place where I hoped to sell Egyptian cotton sheets someday. However, I realized it was more fun to write the stories by Kara. Although there is only 5 posts from her, she did have some fun with several friends. Not any romance to speak of, but fun fiction none the less.


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